Leadership skills assessment and training BIAS FREE


We have gamified job skills assessment and training using AI, to help teams and leaders become more efficient.  
Questionnaires used to assess job skills are less effective than games because of unconscious, personal, and one-day BIAS.
WhomLab makes job skills assessments effective and fun!



Trusted by corporations and government agencies


Build more efficient teams

Improve internal mobility based on skills profiles

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Reasoning skills

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Problem solving skills

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Learning skills

Identify top skills and skill gaps

We provide Human Resources with a platform to assess and develop staff 

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Identify the risk of imposter syndrome or the just opposite to be able to support your leaders.

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Is the position suited to an analytical thinker or a quick decision-maker able to pivot?

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Learning rate

When you need to fill a position with a very short onboarding, who within your staff learns quickly?

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Thinking outside the box

Boost creativity and innovation, finding creative solutions to complex issues.

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Essential to build teams that drive innovation. It is key to find the right balance within each team.

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Problem solving

It is an important skill for any leadership position and one of our main targets.

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